Dual Study Programme "Business Administration Practice Plus" (m/f/d)

Duales Studium

Do you want to study, earn money and gain practical experience? Are you interested in commercial business processes? Then a dual degree in Business Administration is perfect for you.

Your course

The Business Administration Plus course with integrated training at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, integrates the Bachelor of Science degree and the three-year Chamber of Industry and Commerce training course to become an Industrial Business Management Assistant (m/f/d).

Your apprenticeship starts in August with a practical phase at dalli. During your practical phases, you will be deployed in various administrative departments, such as Purchasing, Sales or Marketing.

After the first six months, your studies will begin, where you will gather a lot of theoretical knowledge which you can link to your practical assignments. From then on, you will be employed at dalli during lecture-free periods, pursue your studies Monday to Thursday, and attend the vocational college in Stolberg on Fridays.

What you bring to the table:

In addition to your Abitur (A-Level equivalent) or the commercial/business higher-education qualification, you should be responsible, communicative and a good team player.

Dual study programmes also require good organisational skills, initiative and willingness to learn.

The key facts

At which locations do we offer dual study programmes?

We only offer the course for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for Industrial Business Management Assistant (m/f/d) at our headquarters in Stolberg.


How long does it take to complete the dual study programme?

It takes four years in total. However, after three years you complete your training before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

What level of education do you need?

You should have a (Fach-)Abitur (A-Level equivalent, vocational diploma or baccalaureate).


What does your final examination involve?

On the one hand, you will obtain a degree as an industrial management assistant (m/f/d) after three years from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and, on the other hand, your Bachelor of Science after a further year.