For 175 years, we, the dalli group, have been a successful family business – with a clear focus on quality.

What makes us so unique?

The dalli group shares one core DNA and a single self-image across all our business areas and locations: the passion to be among the best, always being one step ahead of the competition, and continuously producing award-winning quality. That's how we think, that's how we act.

Where it is needed most: Whether Stiftung Warentest (German goods comparison/testing) or Öko Test, we are happy to be tested by neutral third parties under their conditions. We are driven by always being measured, as if we were a new company, and impressing people with our results. Because the result is all that matters, for both our self-confidence and for our customers' benefit.

Unser Erfolg in Zahlen

Our success in numbers


The dalli group workforce in numbers

We employ more than 1750 people worldwide


How international is dalli?

Being international is important to us. Our employees come from 31 different nations.


Percentage of women at dalli – what % in management positions?

Women make up 38% of dalli group management


Test results

Since 2005, we have had over 200 successful test results in European consumer magazines


In how many countries is dalli active?

We operate in 36 markets across Europe and the US, as well as in 15 different markets in Africa and Asia


Number of production sites

We have five different production sites in Stolberg, Flörsheim-Dalsheim, Westerburg (D), Heerde (NL) and Hoensbroek (NL)


The founding of the company

The company was founded in 1845 by Andreas August Wirtz as a soap production company in Stolberg, and is thus one of the oldest detergent manufacturers in Germany


How many product categories do we have?

We actively design seven different product categories:

Laundry care, Washing-up liquid, Household cleaning products, Hair care & styling, Personal care, Face and skincare, Sun protection and care, Natural cosmetics