• Vivienne Heck | Industrial Business Management Assistant | Stolberg

    "I'm proud to have been part of the dalli family since August 2019.

    In my training as an Industrial Business Management Assistant, I rotate through many different departments, gaining insight into the diverse tasks of my profession, and getting to know the company from the ground up.

    We trainees are allowed to work independently and take responsibility for tasks. I particularly like how helpful my colleagues are and the good working atmosphere, which is why I enjoy going to work in the morning."

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  • Nina Reichartz | Dual Study Programme Student on Business Administration Plus | Stolberg

    "At the dalli group, I am being perfectly prepared for future professional life. The link between theory at the university of applied sciences and hands-on practice in the company offers a lot of variety, and you get interesting tasks in the individual departments. There is a lot of room for individual learning and designing your own study programme, and yet if you need it, you can always rely on the support of the team, whether it's with organisation or successfully completing your exams."

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  • Lukas Nysen | Industrial Business Management Assistant | Stolberg

    "I'm delighted to be at dalli. Personally, I think the structured and organisational training process is very interesting. You can gain incredible insight into the organisation and get to know many different departments. The team atmosphere at dalli is very relaxed and is based on a congenial and pleasant working environment in all departments! All our colleagues will lend an ear anytime if you have a problem or question. We trainees are really well taken care of."

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  • Max Lamm | Chemical Laboratory Technician | Westerburg

    "I am currently in my second year of my trainee programme at the Westerburg site. This training is exactly right for me since I'm so interested in chemistry. The wide variety between theoretical input and practical experience makes the training very interesting. Thanks to the lessons at the vocational school, the project tasks within the company, independent learning and internships, you're perfectly prepared for your career. The training is very varied and you always see new, diverse sides to the company."

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Training at the dalli group

Finished school? Then shape your professional future with us!

All you need now is the best possible start to your professional life and a way to make your dream career come true. The dalli group offers an ideal stepping stone into the world of work.

In addition to outstanding support, we give you the opportunity to become involved in exciting projects early on and take on responsibility for the first time.
We also run events such as meet-and-greet seminars and introductory days to ensure a successful start.

What's more, we offer you extensive personal and professional development opportunities, such as foreign language courses, a wide range of in-house seminars and exam preparation courses.

Just click on the videos to find out more about training at the dalli group.

Chemical Laboratory Technician (m/f/d)

Chemical Technician (m/f/d)

Electronics Engineer (m/f/d)

IT Specialist Application Development (m/f/d)

IT Specialist for Systems Integration (m/f/d)

Business Management Assistant (m/f/d)

Industrial Mechanic (m/f/d)

Machine and Plant Operator (m/f/d)

Mechatronics Engineer (m/f/d)

Retail salesperson (m/f/d)