Fascinating fragrances and creative freedom

We'd love to give you an insight into our corporate culture. You can gain a real sense of our culture below. We look forward to receiving your application!


Professional home

Find your professional home here with us. We combine expertise and passion with trust to create a unique work culture.



It is particularly important for us to communicate as equals. We like to exchange ideas and keep our staff up to date about current events. That's why we've developed various formats to promote discussion between different levels. At our monthly Meet & Talk, we come together at our Meeting Point to talk about private and professional matters over coffee and biscuits. When it comes to the state of business development, our managers discuss current trends, topics and sales with all our employees.



Constructive criticism is always welcome here! We have developed a feedback culture where giving and receiving constructive feedback is a matter of course. We developed our sounding board in order to record suggestions, comments and ideas. This is where employees from all areas come together and give feedback, express their wishes and offer suggestions. We summarise all of this in a newsletter for the entire organisation.


Working time

We value each individual and allow flexible working hours in the administration departments. Of course, we also take working hours into account in interdepartmental discussions and try to give all employees the opportunity to participate in internal discussions. The production department works in shifts. Here too, we have developed part-time models that meet the company's needs as well as our employees' personal needs.



We love our job and are passionate about it. A healthy dose of humour and fun at work are also part and parcel of life at M&W.



Celebration is part of our culture. Small team events and our big, annual end-of-year meeting provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate our successes together.



Ideas and freedom are an integral part of our culture so everyone contributes their own ideas. With us, you can harness creative freedom to make a real impact on the development of our company as well as your own professional future.



Different opinions drive our creativity and innovation. We work in numerous interdisciplinary teams and develop our ideas together. Everyone is responsible for themselves and the team. The strong cohesion in the team is really reflected in the confident communication with one another.


Management guidelines

Our actions are aligned with our management guidelines, which guide our managers in their daily actions. We promote systemic leadership and focus on the overall organisation.


Family-run company

With our long tradition, we have been able to grow over the decades. This can be felt in the way each individual employee identifies with the company and our brands.


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