What does a fragrance smell like, what is its name, what does the packaging look like? Our brand management team creates the visions and strategies for our brands – always in line with the latest trends and the desires of consumers. The future fragrance creation is honed with great attention to detail in close cooperation between renowned perfumers and fragrance houses. The artistry of our fragrance developers gives rise to fragrance compositions that breathe emotions, dreams and desires into everyday life.

The entire team applies great creativity, innovation, and strategic vision to influence how existing and future Mäurer & Wirtz fragrances will transport people to emotional dream worlds.

After a fragrance is developed, you are responsible for the design and technical implementation of all packaging and printed images in packaging development. The draft of the artistic design is transformed into a functioning perfume product through the phases of 3D drawing, model making, tool making, various tests, pilot production, transport and logistics. As such, you ensure that our products are ultimately presented in perfect quality in retail. In packaging development, you are also responsible for the printing and constructive development of all packaging components for fragrances and cosmetic products, as well as for point of sale articles, in compliance with the market launch date, quality level and target costs. We also aim to introduce innovative technologies and packaging concepts to the company and the world.

The development of marketing concepts for retail, such as promotions and customer workshops, is at the core of e-commerce, digital and trade marketing, complementary to and in close cooperation with the Sales department. This ensures that our fragrances are present at the point of sale for every theme and in every season, online and offline.

In the training team, you will be responsible for providing training events for specific target groups. Our training team is present at home and abroad so that the appearance of our brands in retail is always in tune with the times.

Projects with national and international trading partners for the optimal shelf and merchandise placement of our fragrances are the main focus of category management.

What marketing channels can we use to best address and reach both our customers and retailers?In the consumer marketing media & PR team, you will focus on this topic and develop strategies to position our fragrances worldwide, using communications activities tailored specifically to our target groups, whether in print/online, on TV or through events, radio, billboards or product PR.

Our product & project management team provides the framework for developing and launching our fragrances. You will be responsible for ensuring that projects stay on schedule, taking charge of project delivery and following a fragrance from the very beginning until it hits the shops. As such, you are the point of intersection between the contributing departments around all product launches.

Want to delve deeper into our marketing department? Here, you get an insight into adverts and get to know employees from the marketing department.

  • Julia Dohmen, Junior Product & Project Manager

    "It's mostly the people in our company who are a great motivation for my work."

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  • Wiebke Kramer, Group Brand Manager

    "It's an incredibly nice feeling to see your original concept as a finished product on the shelf."

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  • Sebastian Breuer, Category Manager

    "Proximity to different upper levels of management is not simply personnel marketing but our everydaylife."

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  • Tanja Scholz, Junior Trade Marketing Manager

    "The various small and large challenges call for intelligent solutions and mean the job is never boring."

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  • Dominik Diehl, Brand Manager

    "My greatest motivation is the creation of products and stories that add beauty to people's everyday lives or special moments."

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  • Samit Sen, Head of Brand Unit Own Brands & Prestige

    "We have an obligation to a great heritage that must be sustainably preserved and passed on."

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  • Gudrun Thelen, Senior Training Manager

    "Enjoying my work and mutual appreciation play a big and important role in my life."

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  • Jana Mühldorf, Trade Marketing Manager

    "It's always exciting when you come across your own ideas or initiatives in shops and get to show them to friends and family."

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  • Laura Linnartz, Trade Marketing Manager

    "The positive corporate image that I had when I started my training has been confirmed over the years."

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  • Christiane Edelhoff, Head of Packaging Development

    "To paraphrase Ralph Boller: In these days of growing environmental awareness, we do not need packaging artists, but rather packaging avoidance artists."

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