Career opportunities and professional development

Stagnation impedes real passion. That's why we not only constantly develop our brands and fragrances – we also continually invest in the development of our employees.

Your professional and personal development is at the heart of Mäurer & Wirtz and is an integral part of our corporate strategy. This is why each employee receives their own annual training budget which allows us to encourage your individual strengths and support you in your personal areas of development. Thanks to our wide range of company development programmes and our various training courses, your prospects for professional and personal growth are excellent.

Our managers complete a corporate executive programme. Refresher courses are held every year to ensure that managers regularly tackle current leadership topics and that our management culture is constantly evolving.

We devised the Advanced Development Programme for all specialists to support our technical employees and group leaders in meeting the requirements they face. The focus is on targeted training for technical supervision and personal growth. The programme also offers many opportunities for discussions and networking.

Another of the company's own programmes is the GROW development programme which supports every new employee in their role and function, helps them develop professionally and personally and promotes mutual networking.

In your employee dialogue you will receive feedback on your performance and development with your manager. This enables us to offer you suitable development and training activities and work with your manager to create an ideal development plan.

New professionals and those just starting their career will be allocated a personal mentor who will support them through their induction and beyond that in both personal and professional matters. Job rotation gives specialists the chance to discover new areas and unveil unforeseen potential. As part of a work shadowing scheme, you can work in a different department for up to three months to facilitate in-depth exchanges with departments you will interact with and to develop your skills. During a short placement in a different department for a few days you can get to know processes that take place across a number of departments and develop optimisation techniques. We also offer internal seminars and training courses as well as external activities to help you. These include training courses, coaching sessions, vocational qualifications and much more.

At Mäurer & Wirtz we learn with each other and from each other. That's why we feel it is vitally important to exchange ideas regularly across hierarchical and departmental boundaries. During our numerous discussion and educational formats you have the opportunity to talk to your teammates about personal and professional topics. The Managing Director regularly invites employees for a working lunch together with a member of the executive management team. On the first Friday of every month we hold a Meet & Talk session for all employees from the administration and production departments in which the focus is on casual, personal exchange and there is also time for "non-business topics". At our Brown Bag seminars, managers can gain insights into exciting current topics from internal or external keynote speeches and enjoy a lunch pack of food and drink in a relaxed environment. The sounding board is used to collect feelings, questions and suggestions from the organisation and develop shared points of improvement from them. All staff are kept up to date about the current state of business and other relevant topics. And at our Lunch Lottery, interested employees can choose to enter a raffle and win a free lunch with a randomly selected teammate.