Controlling & Purchasing

How can we plan, coordinate and control with optimum results? Controlling is responsible for this task, providing the necessary tools and information and also optimising internal systems and processes. In the controlling team, you will combine the various different departmental goals into one company goal through planning and control, while also providing the departments with regular analyses and information to achieve the company goals. 

The Purchasing team is all about independent project purchasing. In new projects, you are part of the development team and responsible for the demand-oriented availability of goods while complying with the target costs for all packaging components. You work closely with national and international suppliers from different product groups. In this way, you contribute to the profitability of the company and the achievement of the company's goals.

Here are some employees from our Controlling & Purchasing team:

  • Christian Forsch, Head of Controlling

    "For me, the sense of working together at Mäurer & Wirtz is one of the reasons why I enjoy going to work every day."

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  • Eva Blumenthal, Controller

    "I really hit the jackpot with my job at Mäurer & Wirtz."

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  • Jacqueline Zahlten, Junior Purchasing Manager

    “I appreciate the corporate culture at Mäurer & Wirtz: one that the company actually lives by rather than it being merely a written document.”

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  • Florian Nysten, Purchasing Manager

    “There are new, exciting challenges and tasks to be mastered on the procurement markets every day. These challenges need to be overcome in a team that is characterised by a wealth of experience, agility and friendship.”

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