How can we plan, coordinate and control with optimum results? Controlling is responsible for this task, providing the necessary tools and information and also optimising internal systems and processes. In the controlling team, you will combine the various different departmental goals into one company goal through planning and control, while also providing the departments with regular analyses and information allowing early actions to be implemented to achieve the company goals. Join our family!

Here are some employees from our controlling team:

Christian Forsch, Head of Controlling

"For me, the sense of working together at Mäurer & Wirtz is one of the reasons why I enjoy going to work every day."

As Group Manager Controlling for Sales, Projects and Production, I follow the same motto that we also use to market our successful fragrance, Tabac Original Craftsman: 'No ifs, no buts' – because the invoice must tally and the analysis and figures must be correct. As a Controller, you are involved in almost all business processes – from the idea through to production, packaging and design. The most important thing for me here is having the right chemistry with colleagues and providing mutual support. For me, the sense of working together at Mäurer & Wirtz is one of the reasons why I enjoy going to work every day, as it is only by shared endeavour that we can deliver the best possible calculations, optimise processes and create helpful analyses.

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Eva Blumenthal, Controllerin

"I really hit the jackpot with my job at Mäurer & Wirtz."

It gives me the unique opportunity to combine my love of fragrance with my professional passion for numbers and analysis.

Having changed career myself in 2018, I experienced first-hand how important it is to M&W to encourage employees. After working in various positions, I was given the opportunity to become first a Junior Controller and finally a Controller.

Today I am able to advise Marketing on the development of new fragrances and the associated campaigns in terms of cost and yield and thus constantly come into contact with the latest trends and fragrances. For me it's the perfect combination!