Management Board

We'd like to give you a peek into our management board and introduce you to our managing director and management team.

Mäurer & Wirtz is led by Stephan Kemen as Managing Director and Dr Hermann Wirtz as Managing Partner.

Stephan Kemen has been Managing Director at Mäurer & Wirtz since March 2020. He joined the family business as early as 2014, as Global Brand Manager for the Baldessarini brand. After just three years, the now 37-year-old was responsible for overall global responsibility for all Mäurer & Wirtz own and licensed brands, initially as Director Brand Management and finally as Chief Marketing Officer.

"During this time he and his teams have made a major contribution to the successful development of MÄURER & WIRTZ's license and private label portfolio. Above all, the visible further development of the two own brands 4711 and TABAC bear his signature," says Dr. Hermann Wirtz, who will continue to act as managing partner at MÄURER & WIRTZ.

Alongside his role as Managing Director, Stephan Kemen also heads the marketing department. You can get to know the department and the marketing team under Marketing .

In addition to Stephan Kemen, our management team consists of four other members.

Marc Schütz heads the sales department. He has been with us since 2017 and is responsible for domestic and international sales. For more information on this department, please see Sales.

Erhard Loths is responsible for the general operations department and has been active in the company since 2012. In addition to production, he is also responsible for supply chain management and packaging development. You can find further information and get to know employees from this department under General Operations.

As head of the controlling department, Nathalie Schröder is responsible for the optimal planning, coordination and monitoring of our company's key figures, with the support of her team. She has been working at Mäurer & Wirtz since 2006. Want to learn more about the controlling department? Everything you need to know can be found at Controlling.

Yvonne Jussen is responsible for the HR department. She has been part of the Mäurer & Wirtz family since 2012. Together with her team, she takes care of all matters relating to our employees. We have compiled an overview of the HR department under Human Resources.

Acting in the role of executive staff, our quality management and quality assurance department ensures flawless products, smooth processes and customer satisfaction. The quality management and quality assurance department helps identify potential improvements and innovations and work through them systematically with points of intersection in order to constantly improve product and process quality.