General Operations

In collaboration with the fragrance development team in marketing, our new fragrances are created in research & development. As part of the research & development team, you can contribute your skills in perfumes and research, providing development expertise on the topic of cosmetics and your knowledge and experience of product safety and documentation.

Our products are not only created, developed and marketed in Stolberg, but also produced there. After you have ensured production in line with customer needs and the necessary supply of raw materials and packaging in supply chain management, as well as coordinating the punctual and reliable delivery to customers with our logistics contacts, our fragrances go on to become a complete work of art in production.

General Operations breathes life into product ideas, and this is where the perfume and flacon coalesce into one entity. In addition to production, filling, and the constant optimisation of technical processes, continuous quality control – from development to delivery – is one of the main tasks of this department. The careful coordination of these processes ensures that production targets are met and a high level of productivity is achieved. Ultimately, passionately held quality standards are the cornerstone of our work.

We are proud to present to you some of our general operations staff.

Welcome to the family!

  • Aaron Giese, Chemical Laboratory Technician

    "Working with so many different fragrances is not only lovely for the nose, but also great fun."

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  • Tobias Peckeruhn, Production Planner

    "For me, transparency and the sense of togetherness are key features of the Mäurer & Wirtz corporate culture."

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  • Julian Horsch, Head of Filling Department

    „Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.“

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  • Sebahat Gündüz, Shift Manager

    "People respect one another, trust one another and get through stressful times together."

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  • Francisca Lopez, Machine Operator

    "My greatest motivation is to have a safe workplace and nice colleagues who value you."

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  • Nedime Ibraim, Machine Operator

    "I particularly like the fact that we understand each other very well within the group and support each other."

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  • Verena Schwandt, Shift Manager

    "I think it's great that I have been lured out of my comfort zone."

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