Mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)

Mechatronics engineer (m/f/d)

Mechatroniker (m/w/d)

Do you enjoy physical and manual work and solving technical problems? Are you interested in the mechanics and electrical engineering of a machine?
Then training as a mechatronics engineer is just the thing for you.

Your role

As a mechatronics engineer, you support all electrical and mechanical tasks, such as:

  • Maintenance and modification of production facilities
  • Maintenance of building equipment and supply technology
  • Changes and repairs to equipment, control systems and processing facilities

What you can offer

  • Careful and responsible work
  • Manual skill and interest in technology
  • Good visual thinking and spatial imagination, as well as mathematical comprehension

The key facts

How long does the training take?

Your training with us lasts 3.5 years.


What level of education do you need?

You should have at least one "Fachoberschulreife", i.e., upper secondary school entrance qualification.

What does your final examination involve?

Part 1 and Part 2 of the final exam are taken before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Exam preparation courses will fully prepare you for this.


What we can offer you


Hiring guarantee

If your performance is good, we guarantee you a full-time position.


Above-average training remuneration

Through the IG Bergbau, Chemie, Energie (trade union) collective agreement, you will receive an above-average training allowance as well as Christmas and holiday pay.



Upon successful completion of your training with good performance, your diligence will be rewarded with a bonus.


Travel abroad

During your training with us, you will have the opportunity to go abroad, taking part in the Erasmus Plus programme.


Induction days with introductory seminar

Our exciting induction days help you all get to know each other at the start of your training period. Expect great activities and lots of fun.


Trainee projects

With trainee projects, such as shooting a training video, you have the opportunity to have a positive influence on dalli with your creativity.


Foreign language development

We will offer you the opportunity to develop your language skills.


Exam preparation courses

You will participate in exam preparation courses for your final exam.

Your prospects

So, you've successfully completed your training? Then nothing stands in the way of being hired. After your training, you can work in our production areas, the operations team or the central workshop.
You can also continue to develop your skills with the dalli group's training offerings. This means that there are many more options available to you even after completing your training.


Any other questions? We can answer them!