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Meike Eylmanns - HR Manager

How did you come to Mäurer & Wirtz and what are your responsibilities?

I have been working at Mäurer & Wirtz since December 2017, since then I have been responsible for supervising and advising my departments (Marketing and General Operations) on classic HR management issues. This means, for example, that I organise and support the entire recruitment process from start to finish, including conducting interviews. In addition, I advise all employees and managers on a wide range of personnel issues. This is always done hand-in-hand with our personnel development team.

Prior to my time at M&W, I first completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the University of Cologne then transferred to RWTH Aachen University for my Master's degree. From the outset I specialised in Human Resources, Business Psychology and Corporate Development, and deepened this theoretical knowledge through various internships.

How would you describe Mäurer & Wirtz as an employer?

Mäurer & Wirtz is an employer that focuses on people and the individual. Working as I do in the HR department, this strategic orientation, or rather this corporate culture is extremely important to me. It means that we regard people as the basis of all success and invest in this resource accordingly. In addition, our family-based corporate culture ensures that cooperation within our own team and beyond is characterised by appreciation, fun and personal interaction.

What do you particularly enjoy about your job?

I love my work as HR Manager particularly because of the constant interaction with all of our employees. Whether you are trying to resolve pleasant or sometimes difficult issues with employees, managers or the works council, dealing with them is always friendly, constructive and very cooperative.  What's more, our company size and structure ensures that as HR Manager I can get involved in the full range of personnel work. As a result, my everyday work is very varied and keeps presenting me with new challenges, which I really relish.

What motivates you?

My greatest motivation is to continuously advance and further develop our company together with all members of the Mäurer & Wirtz family. And of course, becoming a pioneer in the HR industry together with our HR team would not be a bad thing either.