Julia Dohmen, Junior Product & Project Manager

How long have you worked for Mäurer & Wirtz and how did you come to join the Product & Project Management Team?

I have been working in Product & Project Management since the beginning of 2016.

I found my way to Mäurer & Wirtz and to the field of PPM via my previous training as an Industrial Business Manager. After completing my vocational training and six months of full-time employment, in 2017 I decided to start a full-time degree in Business Administration / Business Studies. Fortunately, I was able to continue my previous work through a student placement and thus continued to gain professional experience throughout my studies. Through my work on my student placement, I also had the opportunity to write my thesis with a practical focus in the company. I have since successfully completed my studies within the regular study time and was able to move to a full-time position in the Product & Project Management department in April 2020.

What makes Mäurer & Wirtz so special for you? And what do you particularly like about your job?

First of all, I have to mention my team and the supportive atmosphere among colleagues at Mäurer & Wirtz.

The open and friendly exchange across all departments and levels is a great motivator for everyday work. I also appreciate my work because of its diversity. Product & Project Management is characterised in particular by the many interfaces in our company. We work together with the various departments to transfer the concept idea of a launch to the various products and associated packaging materials. We work closely on the product, gain many insights into different departments and are involved at almost every stage of development. This also enables us to make external appointments, which we set up in some instances with our various packaging materials suppliers. We then work locally to adapt the packaging materials in the suppliers' production processes to suit the visual design. Our work and the associated tasks therefore always remain exciting, because each project has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account together with the project team.

What motivates you?

It's mostly the people in our company that are a great motivation for my work. The human factor has a big impact on the fact that I enjoy coming to the office and look forward to the faces and our mutual interaction. Apart from that, I think it's great to see how our work helps us to follow a concept idea through development and production and onto the shelves. So when I go shopping and see our products on the shelves, I know the process that the product or the whole series has gone through. I am delighted to see the results of all our work and the fine-tuned details that have been included along the way.

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Wiebke Kramer, Head of Lifestyle Licenses

How long have you been working at Mäurer & Wirtz and how did you come to Mäurer & Wirtz?

I have been Senior Brand Manager at Mäurer & Wirtz since January 2020 and am currently responsible for the Lifestyle Beauty Licensing team. I joined Mäurer & Wirtz in August 2015 as Junior Brand Manager after becoming aware of the fragrance industry through an internship at L´Oréal – Lancôme. While studying Business Administration, I completed various internships and thus became acquainted with various sectors, from consulting to industry.

After completing my Master's degree, I was looking to embark on a career that combined personal responsibility, creativity and analysis rather than "merely" focusing on adaptive marketing. I found exactly this combination at Mäurer & Wirtz.

What are your activities and what do you particularly value about them?

As Senior Brand Manager, I am primarily responsible for the strategic orientation of the brands, the support of the licensors and the product development process from the beginning (development of the product – design, fragrance, etc.) to the communications (TV ads, key visuals, content, etc.). I particularly appreciate the diversity of the role and the ability to implement projects independently.

What motivates you?

Along with the fact that it's an incredibly nice feeling to see your original concept as a finished product on the shelf, I am motivated by challenging and varied tasks and the supportive, close-knit and friendly sense of collaboration at Mäurer & Wirtz.


Sebastian Breuer, Category Manager

We see the shelves and product ranges of our national and international trading partners through the eyes of our customers and assist with questions of layout or listing.

In Category Management, it's our job to think outside the box. We believe that Mäurer & Wirtz can only be successful if the entire fragrance category develops in a positive way. We want to understand the market, the mechanisms and the market drivers.

How long have you been with Mäurer & Wirtz?

Since January 2019.

Why do you work at Mäurer & Wirtz?

Because I look forward to coming to work every day and I am happy to be part of the Mäurer & Wirtz family.

What do you like about your job?

My work can have a direct and visible impact on over 1,000 shelves.

What is your greatest motivation?

Every day presents me with new challenges and Mäurer & Wirtz offers me the opportunity to directly influence decision-making with my work.

What makes Mäurer & Wirtz special for you?

Proximity to different levels of management is not simply personnel marketing but our everyday life.

Tanja Scholz, Junior Trade Marketing Manager

How long have you been with Mäurer & Wirtz?

I joined Mäurer & Wirtz in September 2019 as a Master's student in Trade Marketing. The contact arose through the 'Deutschlandstipendium' grant scheme, as part of which Mäurer & Wirtz supported me during my Master's degree course in International Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen. Because I enjoyed the creative activities and the close interaction with Brand Management, Sales and trade partners, after a few weeks I applied for a full-time position that opened up in the department. Since December 2019, I have been responsible for various marketing activities with national and international trade partners of Mäurer & Wirtz.

Already during my training and my Bachelor's degree I had regular contact with trainees and Bachelor's students at Mäurer & Wirtz. Their stories, which I heard several years ago, had already given me a very positive image of Mäurer & Wirtz as an employer. This image was confirmed straight away in my first days as a Master's student by the modern ways of working and thinking as well as the open and friendly way of working together, which makes working at Mäurer & Wirtz a lot of fun.

What do you find particularly exciting about your work?

I love my job for many reasons, but here I will limit myself to the most important ones. Firstly, I have the opportunity to live out my creativity in the context of constantly changing projects. As a result, no two days are the same, as the various small and large challenges call for intelligent solutions and mean the job is never boring. We usually develop these solutions in a team by inspiring and supporting each other, which is another reason why I like my work so much. The team is in constant contact with each other and each member tries to think for everyone else, creating synergies over and over again. Finally, I can identify very well with Mäurer & Wirtz products, which also contributes significantly to my enjoyment at work.     

What makes Trade Marketing so special?

In addition to creativity and teamwork, organisational skills and a sense of budgets and costs are also required in the area of Trade Marketing, because each team member plans and monitors the budgets available for their trade partners on an independent basis. We in Trade Marketing therefore come into contact with almost every other area of the company and thus always have a good insight into all areas.

Dominik Diehl, Senior Brand Manager

How long have you been working at Mäurer & Wirtz and how did you come to Mäurer & Wirtz?

I am Senior Brand Manager of the Baldessarini Fragrances brand and have been working at Mäurer & Wirtz for about 3 years. The tasks of a brand manager are very diverse and include strategic brand planning as well as creative content and fragrance creation. My daily working life is therefore always very exciting and varied. I was able to get to know what the role of Brand Manager involved during an internship at Mäurer & Wirtz, after which I was given the opportunity to become a Junior Brand Manager. I had already specialised in Marketing during my studies, so I was simply fascinated by the work of the Brand Manager during my internship. I can't think of any other job that involves so much marketing. Then there is my passion for fragrances, which I can also indulge every day.

What makes Mäurer & Wirtz so special for you? And what do you particularly like about your job?

Mäurer & Wirtz offers a wonderful work environment with great people and the opportunity to work freely and creatively. The mix of strategic, analytical and creative thinking is a lot of fun and challenges you time and again – no two days are the same. Working with a wide variety of characters makes it even more exciting and entertaining. The extraordinary diversity of national and international interfaces expands your horizons and offers you the chance to get to know new cultures, attitudes and people. 

What motivates you?

My greatest motivation is the creation of products and stories that add beauty or special moments to people's everyday lives. 


Gudrun Thelen, Senior Training Manager

How long have you been with Mäurer & Wirtz?

After training as an Industrial Business Manager and spending several years in HR, I joined Mäurer & Wirtz in March 2002.  Since October 2018, I have been responsible for the project-based design, implementation and follow-up of national and international training events.

What motivates you to work at Mäurer & Wirtz?

For me, Mäurer & Wirtz is a modern company, where, as an employee and part of a dedicated team, I have the opportunity to give free rein to my creativity, to develop myself further and thus contribute to our success. Enjoying work and mutual appreciation play a big and important role in my life.

Tell us about your area of responsibility and what fascinates you about it.

My area of responsibility is very exciting and varied. It never gets boring, because every day is different and always brings with it new challenges that have to be overcome. My motto is: "You grow with your responsibilities – always look ahead and drive things forward. Never give up!!!"

In addition, a fascination for fragrances and the stories that go with them is, of course, an essential aspect. The emotions and dreams that emerge accompany you on a wonderful journey around the world.

Direct contact with our trade partners, customers and field staff is very important to me. Only in this way can training content be optimally tailored to the expectations and needs of the participants. The more emotional the training measure and the presentation of the Mäurer & Wirtz fragrance worlds, the better the feedback and ultimately the result. The content stays anchored in the minds for longer as it is associated with positive memories. Storytelling should be the main priority rather than trying to convey too many small details.

Samit Sen, Head of Brand Unit Own Brands & Prestige

How long have you been working at Mäurer & Wirtz and how did you come to Mäurer & Wirtz?

In my role as Global Head of Brand Management, I have been responsible for the strategic development of the 4711, Tabac and Baldessarini fragrance brands for 2 1/2 years. I came to Mäurer & Wirtz through an unsolicited application. I studied Economics then did a postgraduate degree in Luxury Goods Management in France.

What makes Mäurer & Wirtz so special for you? And what do you particularly like about your job?

Making our historical brands fit for the future, because we have an obligation to a great heritage that must be sustainably preserved and passed on. This is only possible as a whole, so it is important to me to challenge, encourage and further develop our employees. I have cross-divisional strategic discretion that I can leverage through flat hierarchies and in alignment with the interfaces in a profitable manner for our brands and, where appropriate, the company.

Why do you like your job so much?

Because our marketing activities are incredibly multifaceted and you learn new things every day! In addition to analysis, strategy, communication, intercultural understanding and an in-depth knowledge of art & history, a high level of creativity is required. There should also be a basic understanding of perfume, which needs to be deepened with enthusiasm and courage. I naturally support this, because we at Mäurer & Wirtz see it as our obligation to lead Brand Managers on to become Fragrance Developers as well.

What motivates you?

Developing our employees.

What would you say to potential applicants at Mäurer & Wirtz?

If you want to work strategically and creatively and ultimately want to hold your product idea in your hands in the form of a fragrance .... then join Mäurer & Wirtz in Brand Management!

Laura Linnartz, Trade Marketing Manager

How long have you been working at Mäurer & Wirtz and how did you come to Mäurer & Wirtz?

I started out as a Marketing Communications trainee at Mäurer & Wirtz in August 2010. After completing my training, I decided to study Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen and stayed with Mäurer & Wirtz throughout my studies on a student placement in Trade Marketing.

Once I graduated, I started a full-time position at Mäurer & Wirtz in 2017 and now look after a large drugstore customer on the Trade Marketing side.

What makes Mäurer & Wirtz so special for you? And what do you particularly like about your job?

At Mäurer & Wirtz, I appreciate the open and close-knit corporate culture as well as the fact that independent action is encouraged and valued. The positive corporate image that I had when I started my training has been confirmed over the years.

The conception and implementation of sales promotion measures have inspired me throughout my time at Mäurer & Wirtz and thus sparked a lifelong passion for Trade Marketing Management.

Since I started here, I have been responsible for the budgeting, planning and controlling of customer-specific POS plans. Above all, I appreciate the opportunity to work analytically on the one hand and to contribute my creativity on the other. I really enjoy being inspired by the latest POS trends, so that we can ensure our activities are as close as possible to the trading partner and also to the shopper.

What is your favourite aspect of Trade Marketing?

As a direct interface to our Brand Management and Sales teams, here in Trade Marketing we always keep an eye on all strategic aspects of marketing and sales. In addition to our analytical and creative skills, we can also use our communication and presentation skills in meetings with our customers to convince them and thus contribute to the company's success.

Christiane Edelhoff, Head of Packaging Development

I have a degree in Packaging Technology and have been at Mäurer & Wirtz since 2002. Before university I trained as a Technical Design Assistant, developing packaging prototypes out of cardboard.

In my area of activity, we convert artistic designs into functional fragrance products.

Our focus is on packaging, which we develop in collaboration with external and international partners using various materials such as glass, cardboard, plastic and metal. The appropriate printing technology brings our brands and designs to life.

I find the moment of the presentation of the initial design very exciting. Internally we call this "looking over the shoulder" and it sets us thinking how we can implement the idea in technical terms.

For me it is important to take a holistic view of the packaging development of the projects. In other words, in addition to the best possible technical and sustainable implementation of the design, to develop a solution that suits the cost structure of the product, to meet the market launch date and to present a competitive fragrance product that complies with the quality requirements at the POS

Packaging can make a decisive contribution to climate and environmental protection. To paraphrase Ralph Boller:

In these days of growing environmental awareness, we do not need packaging artists, but rather packaging avoidance artists.

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Jana Mühldorf, Trade Marketing Manager

How long have you been working at Mäurer & Wirtz and how did you come to Mäurer & Wirtz?

I completed my training as an Industrial Management Assistant in January 2014 and gained my first professional experience in Training at Mäurer & Wirtz. Since March 2018, I have worked in Trade Marketing and supervised the national distributors for our prestigious brands Acqua Colonia and Baldessarini, among others. I am also in charge of e-commerce.

After completing my training, I decided to pursue a part-time study programme, first completing a BA and then an MSc. During this time of joint commitment – studying and working full-time in parallel – I always received great support from both my colleagues and supervisors, who really helped facilitate the balance between work and study.

What motivates you to work at Mäurer & Wirtz?

My biggest motivation is my colleagues. At M&W, there is great emphasis on a familial and friendly atmosphere! I also get the opportunity to take on a range of varied and challenging tasks, allowing me to unleash my creativity, on the one hand, and strategically refine my areas of activity on the other.

What is your favourite aspect of Trade Marketing?

The highlight of Trade Marketing is the team. Our team sticks together in every situation and supports each other – we can always rely on each other. I love the balance between creativity and analytical concepts in my work. Among other things, we create new sales promotion initiatives to gain a competitive advantage. It's always exciting when you come across your own ideas or initiatives in shops and get to show them to friends and family.